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4Developers Gdańsk – Pomeranian edition of the biggest tech festival in Poland

When we speak about orchestration we should think of conductor in philharmonic orchestra. Basically His role is to show rhythm to all musicians. In the other hand “Swan Lake” musical don’t need conductor for dancers. They know when its their part, and which steps they need to do. It’s all because of choreography. Do you want to know more and how its connected to modern software architecture? Check out first local edition of 4Developers in Gańsk and get 15% discount!

Evolving Architecture @ 4Developers 2017

4Developers is an interdisciplinary festival for developers that consists of diverse tracks led in small groups. The idea of the event is to create a space that promotes the activity of specialists – the exchange of knowledge and experiences of IT community. However, 4Developers is so much more than just lectures. It is also a great opportunity to step outside the lecture zone and meet with world class specialists and enthusiasts of the IT world in a relaxed atmosphere.