JDD 2017 – Orchestrate your choreography!

Orchestrate your choreography!

You can read official talk description here [EN] or at conference page here [PL].

This talk is an effect of a few architectural discussions with several development teams over past few years. I saw that lack of knowledge in this particular area can be a real roadblock on architecture design, also I just “feel” that this topic is important. We – as a community of professionals – ignore base concepts too often.

In my opinion is very important to be able to make a conscious decision. No matter if you create simple monolith application or huge distributed system you will need to choose how modules, services, components communicate with each other. And whats important- you always will be able to choose one of these two: orchestration and choreography.  Good to know how aply orchestration and choreography to your architecture 🙂

Because of that I want to do some kind of “step back” to show that these concepts are a base for many modern architecture patterns. I believe that doing such thing will give possibility to make two or more steps further- just by being conscious about pros and cons of architectural decisions.

I want to show you how to understand these concepts, how to use them and point out what are the potential threats when you choose one over another. After this talk I want you to be more aware about your current project architecture.

Day 1, Track 1, 10:30 am 🙂 See you there!

BTW. You may also look at Validation – Operation – Notification post. This concept will be “somehow” used during my presentation 🙂

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This year at JDD conference I represent SilesiaJUG as a Jugmajster candidate along with two of my colleagues- Grzegorz Gajos and Piotr Wittchen. I’m really proud of be a part of this great team! Take a look at their topics too. You can not miss them!

Full conference schedule is available here.

JDD 2017 – Orchestrate your choreography!

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