Lets do it (again)!

I tried to write my own blog 3 times so far. Each time after publishing a few posts I found out that I don’t have enough time for it. Probably my main problem was that I always wanted to write everything from the scratch – so I have never used any blogging platform (such as WordPress or Blogger), but always I started with own php scripts 🙂 And I didn’t find time for writing any administrative panel, more widgets etc.

This time I will do it differently. I’m aiming to write content and don’t care about layout. I will use this blog mostly for sharing knowledge, improve my English writing skills (so probably there will be a lot of mistakes – sorry for that!) and to track somehow my personal development.

I tried to move (and translate quickly from Polish to English) some of my earlier posts. Probably I will translate more of them but this will take some time. I want to focus on new content at first place.

So – let’s do it again, but this time – do it right! 🙂

Of course I read a few articles how to select best platform for blog about programming. Finally as you can see (mostly because of this article) I chose WordPress.

Lets do it (again)!

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