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Usually I don’t have time 🙂 Last year almost every month I tried to attend Agile Silesia meetings. But every month something happened and I just postponed my “first time”. So I decided to change my strategy. I sent an email if they want me to give them a talk about distributed teams in agile oriented companies (The one that I have chance to give twice on InfoMeet conferences – in Cracow and in Wrocław).

Luckily people behind AgileSilesia had agreed. So I prepared my talk- added some new information, deleted some in order to meet 45min talk length requirement and finally I had a great pleasure to start attending these meetings 🙂

Here you can go through slides from my talk (Polish):

Now I have hope that I will find time for all of these great people in new season after summer break 🙂

Daniel Pokusa - AgileSilesia

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