Orchestrate Your Choreography! @ JDD 2017

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My talk: Orchestrate Your Choreography!

When we speak about orchestration we should think of conductor in philharmonic orchestra. Basically His role is to show rhythm to all musicians. In the other hand “Swan Lake” don’t need conductor for dancers. They know when its their part, and which steps they need to do. Its all because of choreography.
You can find a lot of examples which use this two fundamental ways of keeping processes in correct order. You can find them in Event Driven Architecture, Microservices, CQRS, Hexagonal Architecture and so on. In my opinion we should talk about them more- to understand them and use them in correct and proper way.
Sometimes you need to do one step back to be able to do two steps forward. I would like to show you advantages and disadvantages of orchestration and choreography. I would like to show you when to use them and finally – how to do it effectively.
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Orchestrate Your Choreography! @ JDD 2017

JDD 2017 – Orchestrate your choreography!

Orchestrate your choreography!

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This talk is an effect of a few architectural discussions with several development teams over past few years. I saw that lack of knowledge in this particular area can be a real roadblock on architecture design, also I just “feel” that this topic is important. We – as a community of professionals – ignore base concepts too often.

In my opinion is very important to be able to make a conscious decision. No matter if you create simple monolith application or huge distributed system you will need to choose how modules, services, components communicate with each other. And whats important- you always will be able to choose one of these two: orchestration and choreography.  Good to know how aply orchestration and choreography to your architecture 🙂

Because of that I want to do some kind of “step back” to show that these concepts are a base for many modern architecture patterns. I believe that doing such thing will give possibility to make two or more steps further- just by being conscious about pros and cons of architectural decisions.

I want to show you how to understand these concepts, how to use them and point out what are the potential threats when you choose one over another. After this talk I want you to be more aware about your current project architecture.

Day 1, Track 1, 10:30 am 🙂 See you there!

BTW. You may also look at Validation – Operation – Notification post. This concept will be “somehow” used during my presentation 🙂

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This year at JDD conference I represent SilesiaJUG as a Jugmajster candidate along with two of my colleagues- Grzegorz Gajos and Piotr Wittchen. I’m really proud of be a part of this great team! Take a look at their topics too. You can not miss them!

Full conference schedule is available here.

JDD 2017 – Orchestrate your choreography!