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Evolving Architecture, Gliwice, 20.02.2017

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Evolving Architecture

Have you ever considered how your current project architecture will evolve in the future? Have you ever thought how your team will develop certain features for a client? How about possible over-engineering?

In general, we always try to predict all possibilities and changes that the client may require. In the other hand under time pressure developers are being pushed to do different kind of “shortcuts”, which can increase cost of developing new features. How to avoid over-design, but without closing your architecture for all sort of changes that your customer will need in future? When certain technical decisions should be made? When technical debt should be accepted, and when is a need to avoid it?

It will be a story about bad decisions and failures, but also about those decisions that can save the day.

New domain, new hosting

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I changed domain to┬áand also, what is more important, I changed the hosting provider. Unfortunately, last one was quite annoying for me (downtimes every few days and very poor response times – especially within admin panel). I hope that new one will be better ­čśë

Asynchronous call using CompletableFuture

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Imagine that you have to use external systems to retrieve data or you deal with communication in distributed architecture (communication between modules within application). In this article I would like to tackle one possible problem, but please note that this approach can be used in a many different scenarios.

SpreadIT 2016 – What’s new at the 4th edition?

Unfortunately I don’t have too much time recently to write new posts. One of the reasons: ┬áSpreadIT 2016. As I’m part of this great community event I want to share some more info about this year edition: We decided to give up workshops Finally we change “Soft talks” path name… Read more »

Aware Recruitment. Part 2: Expectations

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If you work for IT industry for more than two years as a recruiter, you can ask yourself a question- does “regular job offer” for particular position today is different than job offer for same position a few years ago? What about expectations of known technologies, about additional tools or infrastructure?

Of course answer for this question is yes. Technologies, methodologies and tools are different now than some time ago. You can expect, that in next two years they will change again. Probably some frameworks will be still in use (in new versions), some will disappear and there will be a lot of new ones. That’s normal situation- you need to get use to it.

Aware recruitment. Part 1: Introduction

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When anybody starts asking you about technologies or anything tech-related it’s probably easier just answer that it’s not within your competences. But… using this approach you can lose some good candidates. Out there are a lot of similar technologies. Your client can ask to find someone with experience in Hibernate. Hibernate is just an implementation of JPA so you can check every candidate that have JPA in CV. Knowledge about these relations can boost your productivity. Lets be more aware of Java world!

CentOS + Graphite + Grafana + NGINX Monitoring

This article will show you how to create basic environment for monitoring your distributed application in one place using Graphite and Grafana. Recently I did somehow similar configuration on CentOS Linux so I will show you how to make first step into world of monitoring in this particular OS (version… Read more »