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Do not make these mistakes! @ Chillout meetup #6

Chillout Meetup #6 Agenda Paweł Młynarczyk, “The Programmer’s Diary – there and back again“, Daniel Pokusa, “Java: Do not make these mistakes!“ Both talks have one shared concept – journey. We will try to share our knowledge on different abstraction level. Paweł wants to share his journey as a professional developer and… Read more »

Asynchronous call using CompletableFuture

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Imagine that you have to use external systems to retrieve data or you deal with communication in distributed architecture (communication between modules within application). In this article I would like to tackle one possible problem, but please note that this approach can be used in a many different scenarios.

Aware recruitment. Part 1: Introduction

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When anybody starts asking you about technologies or anything tech-related it’s probably easier just answer that it’s not within your competences. But… using this approach you can lose some good candidates. Out there are a lot of similar technologies. Your client can ask to find someone with experience in Hibernate. Hibernate is just an implementation of JPA so you can check every candidate that have JPA in CV. Knowledge about these relations can boost your productivity. Lets be more aware of Java world!