Evolving Architecture, Gliwice, 20.02.2017

It’s really nice to inform all of you that I will conduct one of my newest presentations: Evolving Architecture. It will be held in Gliwice, 20.02.2017 18:00 at Silesian University of Technology (room 903), AEiI Department (Akademicka 16). Short description below 🙂

Have you ever considered how your current project architecture will evolve in the future? Have you ever thought how your team will develop certain features for a client? How about possible over-engineering?

In general,  we always try to predict all possibilities and changes that the client may require. In the other hand under time pressure developers are being pushed to do different kind of “short-cuts”, which can increase cost of developing new features. How to avoid over-design, but without closing your architecture for all sort of changes that your customer will need in future? When certain technical decisions should be made? When technical debt should be accepted, and when is a need to avoid it?

It will be a story about bad decisions and failures, but also about those decisions that can save the day.

Presentation will be held in Polish.  You can also find Facebook event here.

Small update:

Evolving Architecture, Gliwice, 20.02.2017

3 thoughts on “Evolving Architecture, Gliwice, 20.02.2017

    1. Thx! It should be “Silesian University of Technology, AEiI Department (my Alma Mater ;)), Room 903, Akademicka 16.

      I always think about my AEiI Department unfortunately in first place… For me it was obvious, for everybody else it is not.

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