SpreadIT Talks #1 – Ten o rozwoju doświadczonych programistów i planowaniu kariery

#SpreadITTalks to podcast w którym omawiane są tematy poruszane w trakcie konferencji SpreadIT, ale nie tylko.

Moimi pierwszymi goścmi byli Jarosław Pałka oraz Jakub Marchwicki z którymi rozmawiałem o rozwoju i ciągłej nauce w kontekście osób już doświadczonych w branży IT. Jest to temat, który wielokrotnie pojawia się w dyskusjach, temat na czasie. Jeśli zatem interesuje Cię jak planować swoją ścieżkę kariery, kiedy znajdywać czas na rozwój, jak wybierać kolejne etapy swojego rozwoju i jakich narzędzi używać- to ten podcast jest dla Ciebie.

JDD 2017 – Orchestrate your choreography!

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You can find a lot of examples which use this two fundamental ways of keeping processes in correct order. You can find them in Event Driven Architecture, Microservices, CQRS, Hexagonal Architecture and so on. In my opinion we should talk about them more- to understand them and use them in correct and proper way.
Sometimes you need to do one step back to be able to do two steps forward. I would like to show you advantages and disadvantages of orchestration and choreography. I would like to show you when to use them and finally – how to do it effectively.

4Developers Gdańsk – Pomeranian edition of the biggest tech festival in Poland

When we speak about orchestration we should think of conductor in philharmonic orchestra. Basically His role is to show rhythm to all musicians. In the other hand “Swan Lake” musical don’t need conductor for dancers. They know when its their part, and which steps they need to do. It’s all because of choreography. Do you want to know more and how its connected to modern software architecture? Check out first local edition of 4Developers in Gańsk and get 15% discount!

Quality Excites 2017 review

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Quality Excites 2017 from my perspective. A few words about selected talks, overall conference organization and also a little bit about my talk- Evolving Architecture from quality perspective. As far as I know my talk was rated by conference attendees as the best talk of Quality Excites 2017 with rating 4.90! Thank You all! 

Confitura 2017 retrospective

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Last weekend I have attended Confitura 2017 conference. This year not only as a participant, but also as a speaker with my “Evolving Architecture” talk! I must admit it was my dream to speak at this event someday. I don’t have enough words to explain this feeling 🙂 I always thought about Confitura as one of the biggest and the greatest Java events in Poland. Being a part of this was truly awesome! Here you can see my thoughts on presentations that I attended to.

How to become a DevOps? @ University of Silesia (11.04.2017)

What DevOps usually are responsible for? Why such a role starts to be more and more important during last time period? This speak is an approach to answer these questions. Its a talk for you if you want to find out if becoming a DevOps is right for you. You will also find out what technologies are used on daily basis and how to start career as a DevOps in world of complex systems and fast, secure deployments.

Evolving Architecture @ 4Developers 2017

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During development phase its very easy to cross the design boundary – we want to take care about all possibilities and potential changes that can happen in our project. On the other hand when we are under the time pressure we take shortcuts which could in the end increase cost of even simple changes. How to deal with “overdesign”? How (at the same time) don’t close for improvements and changes? When we should make crucial technical decisions and when accept technical debt? This session is about true stories, mostly about huge mistakes, but also sometimes about decisions which in the end were very successful. The session for all who don’t want to end up with project that need’s to be rewritten to add a new button. The session for all who cares.

I3 tiling window manager – try it out!

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Why choosing tiling window manager can be a good option for you and how you can get more from your operating system? Find out if it can improve your daily tasks! In this article I show why I fell in love in I3WM, how to configure it properly and use every day at work or at home. I share my i3 configuration so you can reuse it if you like!

My top 4 performance boosters for linux system users

Here are a few of my favourite Linux “performance boosters”. If you think about starting using Linux OS every day (or you are use it already) at your work then this list can help you to boost your performance. List consists of only very general things – this means I didn’t put on it any specific tools which can be helpful only in particular cases.